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In the absence of a physical Heritage Centre within the town which presents the history of Redditch, we have created this “Virtual Heritage Centre” to present information on the history of Redditch.
We initially did this through the “Remembering Lost Redditch” project and the Redditch Heritage web-site which were targeted on the 50th anniversary of the designation of Redditch as a “New Town” in 1964. The Remembering Lost Redditch project focusing on the changes in the town as a result of that designation.
Based upon continued research, and the lesson learned from creating the Redditch Heritage web-site, we have have been building this independent archive which we have called “The Redditch Virtual Museum and Historic Archives” as the vehicle to present that research.
Initially, these Projects were carried out in collaboration with the Redditch Local History Society, and indeed as part of this work we collected and published the Redditch Historic Archives web site.
In 2020 we started to look at where we go next next and, partly because of the Covid pandemic, how we should ensure the preservation and longevity of  Redditch local history & heritage for future generations to enjoy. As a result, a new organisation was created, The Redditch Local History Museum cio, and this new organisation has taken over these web sites and the physical archives collected by the Local History Society. 
So we hope that you enjoy these sites but please remember both their historic origins and that they are on-going developments.   References to the past, such as the role of the Redditch Local History Society members and references to activities and events once part of the History society were correct at the time but are now no longer applicable. They will be updated as we progressively review, revise and update the details on these site

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